Specially for drivers!

The kit for self-check and maintaining of alcohol consumption consequences

Anti-alcohol kit was developed by Alishech VMC Ltd specialists and is targeted at drivers, who drank alcohol but want to get back home or somewhere else themselves without civil penalties. Specifically, without creating any traffic accidents and without alcohol testing issues on the road what can cause consequent penalties and disqualification from driving. Our specialists spent years working on that problem solution and their recent findings worth calling them as revolutionary breakthrough in this field. The medications that we want to present you were produced in partnership with scientists from Israel and pharmacological products manufacturers from Israel, Italy and Canada.
Anti-alcohol Alishech Check Kit consists from 3 elements that are supposed to be used in sequence:

1. The first is Citoethyl medication that should be administered 30 minutes after the last drunk beverage. Citoethyl medication was developed in Israel and produced at pharmacological concerns of the Italian company Citozeatec Ltd. Initially the drug was based on vitamins B, D and C complex and amino acids groups as a biologically active supplement for liver function improvement, protection from alcohol and detoxification. During clinical trials it was found out that additionally to detoxification this drug significantly decreases blood and exhalation alcohol levels. The kit contains two bottles of Citoethyl, and one to be taken in case you have to drive after alcohol consumption.

2. 30 minutes after Citoethyl administration you should check yourself with the help of Alcotester that is produced by the Canadian company Alco Prevention. The kit contains two of them and a detailed instruction.

Caution: Alcotester is a preventive equipment meant for blood alcohol level tests. The Alcotester results can never be used against the results obtained from police alcotesters. Using of this single-use Alcotester and consumer’s decisions taken on its results are on consumer’s own responsibility. Responsibility can not be imposed on producers or distributors. The Alcotester is made from glass and is fragile. Don’t use it if its aluminum parts (heads) are perforated or the glass has cracks or it is broken, or the crystals’ colors are changed. In case of skin or eye contact it is recommended to rinse with water. Make sure that the outer temperature is less than 45 ºC and the Alcotester is not in a long-term contact with light.

By changing the Alcotester colors you can determine the blood and exhalation alcohol levels. As a rule, one bottle of Citoethyl seems to be enough, but sometimes considering the quantity, alcohol absorption rate, liver reactions to catabolism in different people and age, the second one is recommended for a better tester result and attention focusing improvement. After the second dose you should wait 30 minutes more before checking your alcohol level with the second Alcotester from kit.

3. The third element is Easy Drink drug that should be taken right before driving (1 pill). Easy Drink is a medication developed by our specialists in partnership with Israelite pharmaceutical company N.T.P. Pharma for post-alcohol disagreeable sensations removing. Especially, nausea, headache, loss of coordination and concentration. The drug was based on Metadoxin – changed vitamin B3 formula with additional Beta-Carotene and different microelements and is used as a BAD. Metadoxin activates enzymes that metabolize ethanol, i.e. accelerates oxidation and ethanol elimination that decreases length of alcohol intoxication. Moreover, it activates cholinergic and neurotransmitter systems what prevents from motor excitement induced by alcohol, i.e. it reduces tremor – frequent effect after alcohol overdosing. Additionally, Easy Drink improves cognitive functions and short-term memory, decreases agitation, mental and somatic hangover manifestations. Also it causes unspecified antidepressant action and is fast at recuperating after alcohol overconsumption. It is used half an hour later after the last beverage or before the bedtime. If you are still broken even after awaking, then take the second pill. Its action starts 40 minutes later the administration.
This product is produced in 3 countries

The kit consists of the following food additives: Citoethyl and Alishech Easy Drink.
All ingredients are natural:
Vitamin B complex + modified vitamin B3 formula, beta-carotene, vitamin C.
Microelements: potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc and selenium.
Amino acids group.
Enzymes group.

Certificates approving free sales:

Citoethyl food additive

Alishech Easy Drink food additive
Drugs quantity in the kit is considered to be twice usedin small dosages. But if you drink too much alcohol, the kit is one-time-use.

We want to direct your attention on that Citoethyl drug acts when any quantity of alcohol was taken. In clinical trials, that were held by our specialists, the middle decrease marker was three fold less after Citoethyl (blood and exhalation alcohol levels drop 3 fold lower within the first 30 minutes and reach their minimal level within 4 hours in younger people and 5 hours – in elder).If you had an alcohol beverage and you have to drive then, Alishech Check Kit will help you. But if the alcohol quantity is more than 200 ml of vodka or 500 ml of vine, or 1,5 l of beer – BE CAREFUL! Your blood alcohol level will be still high. And you’d rather call taxi or ask some other driver to take you home.

Links to translated researches:

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